Fresh Seafood in Romesco Sauce

Fresh Seafood in Romesco Sauce’ With changing trends in the Wedding Industry regarding “The Wedding Reception” & Brides & Grooms favouring a Banquet Style Meal as opposed to the traditional “Sit Down Meal” I have a great recipe for ‘Fresh Seafood in Romesco Sauce” which can be one of the meals on the banquet menu, with a side of creamy polenta… This recipe serves 6 & super easy to make. Ingredients 1kg cleaned baby octopus 2 2 x cans Italian diced tomatoes 4 cloves fresh garlic crushed 1 teaspoon dried chili flakes 2 teaspoons smoked paprika 2 medium red capsicums

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Vegan Vegetarian Wedding Catering

Vegan Vegetarian wedding Catering, A Class Catering are happy to offer you Vegan Vegetarian  Menus, Steve and I are happy to design the right menu for your upcoming Wedding or special event, we also Cater for all food Allergies, Chef Steve can tailor a menu that suits all of your guests, we have catered many Vegan Vegetarian friendly Catering functions, over the last 11 years Why not take a look at a couple of our favourite  courses Mixed Mushroom Rissoto and Grape Salsa or Penne arriabata  These are 3 of our most popular recipes, they are ideal for a Wedding reception please see our link

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