Vegan Vegetarian Wedding Catering

Vegan Vegetarian wedding Catering, A Class Catering are happy to offer you Vegan Vegetarian  Menus, Steve and I are happy to design the right menu for your upcoming Wedding or special event, we also Cater for all food Allergies,

Chef Steve can tailor a menu that suits all of your guests, we have catered many Vegan Vegetarian friendly Catering functions, over the last 11 years Why not take a look at a couple of our favourite  courses Mixed Mushroom Rissoto and Grape Salsa or Penne arriabata  These are 3 of our most popular recipes, they are ideal for a Wedding reception please see our link with other ideas of Vegan food, and explanation of being a Vegan

When Catering on the south coast for food allergies Vegetarian, Gluten Free & Vegan…
At A Class Wedding Catering, we are the specialist for catering to your needs.
As trends change with most Weddings these days the bride or groom want to celebrate there special day in an exotic location here on the South Coast NSW…
Yes there are many catering businesses’ chasing you for your special day & hard earn money but we at A Class Wedding Catering we cater for everyone ?

Martin & I have catered for  Vegan and vegetarian Weddings at many Function centers, but we specialize in Catering at the most unusual places, so if you have an idea of somewhere that you would like your ceremony and reception, give us a call as we are happy to plan with you and make what looks like the impossible happen

Some great service ideas are is to have a banquet menu, this can be served as a family feast, or maybe you prefer a buffet menu, our staff are happy to serve you and your guests from behind the buffet, grazing stations are very popular

Steve loves nothing more than to design menus to suit and spends many a day, cooking and trying out the new menu and new recipe ideas so there is a recipe which covers all bases ?
1 large eggplant sliced thin.
Olive Oil for sauteing & dressing
cracked salt n pepper
Dried Italian herbs
Italian balsamic vinegar( a splash Mmm)
This afternoon I made some grilled eggplant(aubergine & eggplant in Australia) in some olive oil in a frying pan over a low heat & turning over just to cook slowly.
Also, preheat oven to 100 degrees Celsius…(gee I forgot that) lol
Place grilled eggplant in lined baking dish & drizzle over the olive oil & that good ole balsamic vinegar & really cook it for 10 minutes max…
Transfer to a salad bowl & let it settle for at least an hour.
This recipe can also be done with zucchini(courgette’s) lol
Really at A Class Wedding Catering, we can do the Impossible but you have to realize that the Impossible takes a little bit longer ?
And as caterers, we can make your special magical 


Mixed mushroom and thyme risotto