Finger Buffet Menu

$49.00  per person for the first 8 selections from our finger food and cocktail buffet options below. Additional selections will be charged at $5.00 per person. These prices include your personal chef for a minimum of 30 people. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Minimum 30 persons

Please make 8 selections from options below

Cold Options

  • Mixed seafood and meat sushi rolls G/F
  • Italian anti pasta, a mixture of sun-dried tomatoes, salami, cold meats, and cheese’s
  • Trio of continental dips with vegetable slices and crackers *
  • Bacon and cheese pinwheels *
  • Chilled Tofu served with a Korean Chilli Dressing G/F VEG VEG *
  • Peruvian Polenta Cakes, with Tomato cucumber relish VEGAN VEG G/F
  • Italian warm pumpkin Brochette,
  • Hot or cold chicken Wings marinated in honey and soy
  • Vegetarian lettuce burrito's
  • Greek-style frittata, with spinach, oregano, and feta cheese * Vegetarian
  • Teriyaki chicken noodle box (Veg G/F)
  • Baked salmon and dill ricotta cakes (New)
  • Mixed lavish wraps, ham, roast beef, turkey
  • Smoked salmon, and cream cheese, dill, lemon, capers, *
  • Fresh fruit platter
  • Curried pumpkin fritters * Vegetarian Vegan

Hot Options

  • Asian spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce *
  • Baked mushrooms with feta cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes G/F Veg *
  • Lamb koftas served with a chive yoghurt dip G/F
  • Brazilian Bauru, Brazilian Sandwich
  • Asparagus and cheese toasties *
  • Spicy Grape Salsa G/F VEG * Vegan
  • Vegetable Tempura, Broccoli, Mushrooms, Pumpkin, Carrots, Zucchini (V G/F Ve )
  • Chicken marinated kebabs, in the sauce of your choice (Thai style, honey and soy, teriyaki, and sweet and sour ) G/F
  • Flavoured sausage (locally made) G/F
  • Fresh Grilled Pineapple, with a Bourbon Caramel sauce
  • fish cakes with a Thai sweet chili sauce *
  • Feta and spinach filo triangles *
  • Vegetarian steamed dumplings Spicy Hoisin Dipping Sauce (V G/F Ve) HOT
  • Mini Camembert galettes, puffed pastry pillows, topped with camembert and finished with a tomato relish
  • Mini Chicken Caesar Boxes
  • Goanese fish curry served with rice
  • Selection of gourmet mini pies *
  • Peanut Chicken Kebabs
  • Marinated chicken wings (flavours to suit) G/F *
  • Salmon dill ricotta cakes
  • Baked Italian Arancini Balls ( V G/f Veg ) HOT
  • Baked Potato Fries with Garlic Sauce (V G/F Veg) HOT
  • Honey ham and pineapple kebabs with a sticky mustard glaze

NB: we are not licensed . A $5.00 p/h deposit is required on booking, with the balance, and the confirmation of numbers due 5 days before the function. If cancelled within 2 weeks of function deposits will not be refunded and if cancelled after final payment there will be no refund. Extra waiting staff will be charged $180 per waiter for a minimum of 4 hrs, then $40.00 per hour thereafter, if required.

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