Vegan Vegetarian Wedding Catering

Vegan Vegetarian wedding Catering, A Class Catering are happy to offer you Vegan Vegetarian  Menus, Steve and I are happy to design the right menu for your upcoming Wedding or special event, we also Cater for all food Allergies, Chef Steve can tailor a menu that suits all of your guests, we have catered many Vegan Vegetarian friendly Catering functions, over the last 11 years Why not take a look at a couple of our favourite  courses Mixed Mushroom Rissoto and Grape Salsa or Penne arriabata  These are 3 of our most popular recipes, they are ideal for a Wedding reception please see our link

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Blueberry Melon Prawn & Feta Salad

Blueberry Melon Prawn & Feta Salad. Today I’d like to share a simple recipe for Blueberry Melon Prawn & Feta Salad. As always I have some interesting facts about the humble Blueberry, did you know that blueberries can date back many centuries to a north/eastern America & were gathered by the Native Americans & were widely abundant on both northern coasts the Pacific on the west & the Atlantic on the east. Also by eating a half cup of blueberries, it contains the same amount of antioxidants as 2 1/4 of broccoli 2 1/2 cups of spinach & 2 1/2

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Silverbeet recipe

Silverbeet recipe Today I’d like to share a simple recipe for Silverbeet that my Bubcha(grandmother in Polish)made for me when I was young & now I’m cooking it for my family ?. Being of Polish descent I classify this dish as ‘peasant cooking) But before I get to the recipe I’d like to share some fun facts about Silverbeet. Did you know that Silverbeet was cultivated from Sea-Beet & originated in Europe near the coast of the Mediterranean sea & was named ‘Chard’ which descends from the 14th-century French word ‘carde’from the Latin word ‘Carduus’meaning artichoke thistle(without the spikes). Chard is

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