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Banquet Menu Wedding

Banquet menus help guests make an informed decision on what to eat at a banquet. They give details about the dishes, such as ingredients, sauces, and flavorings Banquet menus are typically small and consist of only a few pages. This is due to the limited dinner selections found at most banquets. Banquet menus often feature fine dining, including expensive dishes such as filet mignon, Lamb and Pork.this type of menu is ideal for your Wedding, shared platters down the middle of the table give you and your  guests, a great choice of delights A Cass Catering, we have many choices

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Shared Banquet menu illawarra, South Coast

Shared Banquet menu Illawarra, South coast. We at A Class Catering are committed to making your reception, your day your way Among all of the things your guests will remember about your special event, the food may loom largest. With the help of Martin and Steve, you can give your guests the dining experience they will remember. No matter how big or small your event, our banquet menu is suitable for serving the entire gathering with beautiful and delicious dishes. ideal for those who prefer shared platters placed on the table and eaten as a Banquet style menu $60.00 per person – 

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