Shared Banquet menu illawarra, South Coast

Shared Banquet menu Illawarra, South coast. We at A Class Catering are committed to making your reception, your day your way

Among all of the things your guests will remember about your special event, the food may loom largest. With the help of Martin and Steve, you can give your guests the dining experience they will remember.

No matter how big or small your event, our banquet menu is suitable for serving the entire gathering with beautiful and delicious dishes.

ideal for those who prefer shared platters placed on the table and eaten as a Banquet style menu

$60.00 per person –  Minimum 80 persons

travel and staff extra

Minimum 80 persons

Mains Choose 2

*Coq au Vin Traditional                                                    *Slow Roasted Garlic And Rosemary infused Lamb Rump mint Jus

*Chateaubriand with fresh vegetables                           *Grilled Ocean Trout Fillet,with lemon Dill cream sauce

*Grilled salmon Fillet with Balsamic Glaze                  *Roasted Herb and seeded Mustard Crusted Scotch Fillet, with Pepper sauce

*Roasted Pork Belly, With a Caramel glaze sauce       *Grilled Chicken Breast, filled with Fetta and sundried Tomatoes, garlic sauce

*BBQ Honey Soy Ginger Prawns                                    * Roasted Capsicum, Rice Shredded Vegetables Garlic Napolitana sauce G?F


Sides choose 3

*Tomato and Mint salad                                                    *Sicilian salad                                     *Cucumber Salad

*Herbed Roasted Potato                                                     *Chinese Noodle Salad                     *Roasted Zucchini and Carrots

*Green Beans or Minted Green Peas                                *German style Potato Salad            *Blueberry Cream cheese and Walnut salad

*Grilled Corn Cobs with Peppered Butter                       *Honey and Cinnamon sugar Roasted Pumpkin

*European style braised red cabbage                               *Crunch Coleslaw with a buttermilk dressing

Dessert choose 2 choices:

*Baked New York Cheese cake fresh berries                   *Bread and Butter pudding with custard       *Apple Pie Custard and Cream

*Steves Banoffee Pie with Cream                                       *Chocolate Profiteroles with Cream                *Strawberry crepes Ice Cream

*Meringue Nests filled with Honey Yoghurt Cream and fresh Fruit           * Small Fruit and Cheese Platter served with Crackers

*Fresh Fruit Kebabs With honey Cream cheese and mint