A recipe for Faggots

Faggots, As promised here is the recipe for Offal called ‘Faggots’ not what you think but a tasty dish made from Offal.
Offal ??? Offal are the parts of the beef,pork,lamb,duck,chicken & goose such as livers,hearts,kidneys,tongue,lungs,stomach (as in Haggis) chicken giblets,cheeks,brains,blood (as in blood sausage) & ox tail (as in oxtail soup or stew)
Offal is something that’s been eaten & enjoyed by humankind around the world for centuries & the reason for this is because back in the day food was scarce & every part of the animal was used nothing was wasted even the ears otherwise people would have died of starvation, remember the saying (eating humble pie)!!
For me, I’m a big fan of lambs fry & bacon, steak n kidney pie, kidneys, ox tongue, hearts & chicken livers & that’s just for starters as its something that I grew up with ?
So to the recipe & it serves 4
175 chopped onions
500g of pigs fry (liver & hearts) cut into 4cm pieces
250g pork belly rind removed & cut into 4cm pieces
250ml water
75g white breadcrumbs
a pinch of mace
1 tablespoon fresh chopped sage
ground salt & pepper to season
4-5 bacon rashers rind removed & cut into 4cm strips
1 preheats oven to 180c.mix onions, pigs fry & pork belly in a casserole dish & add the water cover & cook in the oven for 45-50 mins or until meat is tender.leave to cool slightly strain & set cooking liquor aside.
2 using a food processor add the cooked meat & onions(in batches) & coarsely pulse & add to a large bowl, add breadcrumbs, mace & sage season with salt n pepper & mix well.
3 using damp hands roll the mixture into balls (the size of a golf ball) & wrap each ball with the strip of bacon & secure with a toothpick, place in a casserole dish & add some of the reserved cooking liquor & cook for 10-15 mins uncovered or until bacon is golden brown.
4 this dish is best served with mushy peas & onion gravy.
I know eating offal isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but be adventurous & give this recipe a go 

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British Faggots