Romantic farm and beach weddings

Romantic farm and beach weddings, have you ever thought of having your wedding reception on a working farm or on a beautiful beach but thought it may be too hard to organize, well why not give Martin & Steve from A Class Catering a Call, we have been looking after bride and Grooms dreams for the last 30 years, Steve and I would be happy to sit down with you both and discuss your ideas, for your big day, having Catered for many weddings over the years we have become very experienced in many types of wedding venues, in some

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A recipe for Faggots

Faggots, As promised here is the recipe for Offal called ‘Faggots’ not what you think but a tasty dish made from Offal. Offal ??? Offal are the parts of the beef,pork,lamb,duck,chicken & goose such as livers,hearts,kidneys,tongue,lungs,stomach (as in Haggis) chicken giblets,cheeks,brains,blood (as in blood sausage) & ox tail (as in oxtail soup or stew) Offal is something that’s been eaten & enjoyed by humankind around the world for centuries & the reason for this is because back in the day food was scarce & every part of the animal was used nothing was wasted even the ears otherwise people would

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Kiama Downs Surf Club Function

Kiam Downs Surf Club Function, What a Fantastic wedding A Class Catering catered at last weekend, with beautiful views of the ocean and stunning backdrop, this wedding venue is the perfect place to have your Wedding reception, A Class Catering  are happy to help with your catering needs, our large selection of menus and canapés for your guests on arrival, compliment this perfect venue, we also supply Bar staff, and Martin is happy to be your MC at no extra charge, so feel free to give steve & martin a call at A Class Catering and we will be happy

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