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Catering on the south coast for Food allergies

When Catering on the south coast for food allergies Vegetarian, Gluten Free & Vegan… At A Class Wedding Catering, we are the specialist for catering to your needs. As trends change with most Weddings these days the bride or groom want to celebrate there special day in an exotic location here on the South Coast NSW… Yes there are many catering businesses’ chasing you for your special day & hard earn money but we at A Class Wedding Catering we cater for everyone¬†ūüėä Which brings me to the minor majority (sorry) Martin & I have catered 4 Vegan Weddings… 1

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Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten free Weddings on the South Coast

Catering Vegan & Vegetarian Weddings in the Illawarra & South Coast by A Class Catering Catering Vegan & Vegetarian Weddings is fast becoming a trend here on the South Coast & Wollongong with Brides & Grooms these days. Yes, its a lifestyle & not everyone’s cup of tea but it gives the Bride & Groom the opportunity to share with family & friends some of the great foods they enjoy. That’s right some of you who are reading this are thinking Err Vegetarian & Vegan rabbit food, nothing living, fruits n vegetables, vegetable curries, boring but you only have to

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Vegan Vegetarian friendly Catering

Vegan Vegetarian friendly Catering A Class Catering are happy to offer you Vegan Vegetarian Friendly Menus, we are happy to design the right menu for your upcoming Wedding or special event, we also Cater for all food Allergies we would like to no all of your favourite ideas that way we can discuss with you your preferences and Chef Steve van tailor a menu that suits all of your guests, we have catered many Vegan Vegetarian friendly Catering functions, over the last 8 years Why not take a look at a couple of our favourite  courses Vegan Tofu and Grape Salsa or Italian Stuffed

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