Wollongong Party Catering at home what to do

Party set up Wollongong

Wollongong Party Catering at home what to do, The simple things you need to have the best house party ever:

  1.  Music – Dance music, not Beatles or anything else you may have on your ipod
  2. Alcohol – This will get people in a happy mood
  3. People – Most imporant, fun people
  4. Food – If people get hungry
  5. Chips – Just a bowl with chips for snacks
  6. Cards – For drinking games
  7. Guitar – For playing and singing along
  8. Fridge with space – So people can have their alcohol
  9. Clean bathroom – Obviously
  10. At least 1 free room – For people to have a break from your awesome party!


Make people feel home
Tell everyone where the toilets are and where the fridge is. Also tell them to feel like they’re home. I like to tell people “Mi casa es su casa” and explain them it’s spanish for My house is your house. A great phrase to remember.
Tell everyone that they can change music to whatever they like. Noone wants to sit up all night listening to the shitty music only you like. Make a playlist/find one online or anything so when people stop changing music, it wont be completely silent.


Don’t get mad
People will get drunk, people will make mistakes and people will spill beer on the carpet. Don’t get mad at them. Just tell them it’s alraight, and nothing to worry about. Also thank them for letting you know. Getting angry wont help you get the carpet clean, it will only make people feel bad.
Last night some people took a couple of shots of my dad’s 60%. I just told them “We’re not actually allowed to take any of that, so please don’t take anymore ok?” They apologize and I said “It’s nothing to be sorry about, just don’t take any more haha”.
Some parents will be angry and some wont. But they wont be less angry just because you yell at your guests. If you’re afraid of this, lock your fathers drinks in another room.


Make sure there is always people
Some people will leave before others. If you end up having about 6-7 people at 11pm, call friends living close to you and invite them. People is really important while having a party. If you call people late, they may not have their own drinks, so share some of your drinks. When YOU are having a party, YOU need to make sure other people are having fun, not yourself. I gave away 2 six-packs yesterday. I know this may be beta, but sometimes you have to do it.


Make sure everyone is having a good time!
There are always someone who is a little shy, and while everyone else dances, he/she sits and say nothing. Go up to him/her and ask if there is anything you can do or anything they want. They’ll most likely say that everything is fine, then tell them: “Come here, let’s dance!” or “Let’s get out and smoke!” (You don’t have to smoke to do that, I don’t smoke, but I do it all the time (Not just at my own parties tho). If the girl says she don’t smoke, tell her “Me neither, but lets get some air then!”. I hate seeing people sitting for themselves and noone do anything about it, especially when the host don’t do anything either.


Have chips and cards on the table at any time!
Two very small but important details! People love this. Chips so that people can eat a little, and cards to play drinking games.


Have a guitar!
If you have a guitar or anything, find it! There are always someone who knows a song or two, and it’s really fun when everyone sing along!


Make a few drinks
Nothing is more impressive than a guy who knows how to make the best drinks! If you already know how to make a few, make them! If not, search online for guides and tutorials. In fact, we have a bartender with us on the forum, Never Shaken, and he made a great guide on how to build your home bar!


Don’t hesitate if you need to call the cops
Things can go pretty out of control if the wrong people show up. First try to tell them to leave if you don’t want them, but if they refuse call the cops. As long as you don’t have any weed or other illegal drugs, they will only take care of you. Cops is our friends everyone!
I guess we have all heard stories of people who’ve got over 100 guests at their first home alone party, but let’s not be the story.