Mulled red wine christmas in July

Mulled Red Wine Today I’d like to share a recipe for Mulled Red Wine (gluhwein) But before I get to the recipe I’ll give you some fun facts & history about Mulled Wine. I had my first taste of Mulled Wine in New Zealand at a bar in the 90s at Coronet Peak after a long days skiing & then again in Canada at the Mount Whistler ski resort in British Columbia in 2010. But did you know that it was the ancient Roman’s who first created Mulled Wine when they were conquering Northern¬†Europe & was a way to warm

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Cooking Ribollita Tuscan soup

RIBOLLITA Cooking Ribollita Tuscan soup recipe Today I’d like to share a recipe for Ribollita pronounced ree-boh-lee-ta which literally means re-boiled. This famous Tuscan soup was originally made by reheating leftover minestrone or vegetable soup & adding chunks of bread,white beans & other vegetables including carrots,zucchini,spinach & cavolo nero(Tuscan cabbage) which is a member of the kale family,if you can’t find or buy cavolo nero you can use cabbage or silverbeet. This recipe for Ribollita serves 6 persons & again a soup that can be prepared & cooked in the slow/cooker & be ready for dinner that night Ingredients 1

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