Dinner Party How to set up your Table personal Chef

Dinner party How to set up Table Personal Chef How to properly set your table.

    A properly set table is the canvas for a beautiful meal. When you have an upcoming holiday dinner – or just want to make an occasion feel special — formal place settings are ideal for creating an exceptional dining experience.

Setting the Stage

  • Spacing: When setting a dinner table, place settings should be evenly spaced and flatware should be balanced.
  • Start with Plates: Start by setting out dinner plates. Make sure plates are far enough apart to provide guests sufficient elbowroom—about 2 feet apart from plate center to plate center.
  • Let Plates be Your Guide: Once your plates are set, you can use them to balance the rest of your place settings. Cups and glasses go on the right side of the plate, butter and salad plates to the left.


Silverware & Napkins

  • Basic Placement: Place silverware in the order of its use, from the outside in, first course to main course. To simplify the setting, don’t put out utensils that won’t be used.
  • Forks, Spoons & Knives: Forks should be placed to the left of the plate, knives and spoons to the right. The only exception to this rule is a small cocktail fork, which goes on the outermost right side of the plate.

Tip: Place knives with their cutting edge towards the plate, and make sure all of the utensil handles line up. If possible, remove the used utensils after each course.

  • Napkins: All napkins should be cloth and go to the left of the forks. Use a decorative napkin fold as an added touch.
  • Butter Plate & Spreader: When serving bread, place a butter plate above the forks to the left of the plate and include a butter knife or spreader.
  • Dessert Silverware: If you serve dessert, the silverware should be placed above the plate with the fork handle to the left and the spoon or knife handle to the right (the cutting edge should face down). You can also just bring out dessert silverware with the dessert.
  • Special Touches: Dress up your place settings with napkin rings, or try making a personalized place card for each guest.

Use the diagram below as your guide when arranging your formal place settings:

  1. NapkinDinner Party Set up with your own personal Chef, Berry
  2. Salad fork
  3. Dinner fork
  4. Dessert fork & spoon
  5. Bread and butter plate with spreader
  6. Dinner plate
  7. Dinner knife
  8. Teaspoon
  9. Soup spoon
  10. Cocktail fork
  11. Water glass
  12. Wine glass (red wine)
  13. Wine glass (white wine)
  14. Coffee cup and saucer

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  • Glass Placement: Glasses should be placed above the knives in a straight row, slanting downward from the upper left, going from biggest to smallest. Make sure smaller glasses aren’t hidden behind larger ones. An example of a proper arrangement would be a water goblet in back, wine glass, then a dessert glass closest to your guest.
  • Coffee Cup & Saucer: If you plan to serve coffee with the meal, place the cup and saucer to the right of the setting, with the coffee spoon on the right side of the saucer. Otherwise, bring the coffee out with dessert.

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