Berry Catering Chef and Waiter

Berry Catering Chef and Waiter, Berry is a beautiful small town on the South Coast of NSW, A Class Catering are one of the premium Caterers in the Area We specialise in Catering for Fine dining dinner parties at home with your own personal Chef and waiter ideal for those of you that are hiring a holiday house in Berry, taxis or driving required we come to you we have many menus to choose from We Cater for Personal Chef and Waiter at your Holiday Home or private house, why travel out, when you can hire Steve and Martin We come to your residence cook, serve and clean up, we have many menus to choose from, our menus are very reasonably priced and will on most occasions be cheaper than going out to a Fine Dining restaurant Martin and Steve have been in the Hospitality industry for many years we have both been trained in the fine arts of fine dining and silver service, and are the only Catering company that gives you the chance to experience Gueridon (Flambe cooking at the table)

Flambé (/flɒmˈb/French: [flɑ̃be]; also spelled flambe), is a cooking procedure in which alcohol is added to a hot pan to create a burst of flames. The word means ‘flamed’ in French.[1]

Flambéing is often associated with tableside presentation of certain liqueur-drenched dishes, such as Bananas Foster or Cherries Jubilee, when the alcohol is ignited and results in a flare of blue-tinged flame. However, flambéing is also a step in making coq au vin, and other dishes and sauces, using spirits, before they are brought to the table. By partially burning off the volatile alcohol, flambéing reduces the alcoholic content of the dish while keeping the flavors of the liquor.

Berry Catering Chef and Waiter, For Menus and bookings please see our website for details

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