White Wedding Dress

The Origins of the White Wedding Dress by A Class Catering..
The White Wedding Dress when & where did this tradition originate ???? Well did you know that up until the mid 19th century the Brides wore a wedding dress of any other colour other than white. https://www.cheboom.com.au/
But that all changed in 1840 when on the 10th February at the Royal Chapel of St James Palace, Queen Victoria married Prince Albert wearing a white laced satin dress,a white veil & an orange blossom wreath instead of a crown.
At the time red was the popular choice by brides as it symbolised fertility,but Queen Victoria wearing a white dress was a pretty big deal at the time especially with the aristocracy but who are they to jugde !!! She was the queen eh ?.
Before the 19th century brides rarely bought a dress specifically for their wedding day & often wore her finest dress in the wardrobe to the ceremony even if it was a darker colour as the darker colour could easily hide stains & imperfections & could be worn again.The colour black was very popular around this time ???
Some weddings were business deals between 2 families as financial arrangements & the wedding dress worn by the bride was to show the new family, her family had a presence in terms of wealth & social status.
Some fun facts is that green was never used for the dress as it was considered unlucky,blue was a popular choice as it presented purity,piety & a connection to the virgin Mary.Black too was worn by the bride if the groom was a widower.
In China,India & other eastern Asian cultures the brides often wear red or a red & white combination wedding dress as red signifies good luck & white purity.Another fact over time was the only thing for the groom to do was to make sure his suit or attire matches the brides dress,isn’t he lucky https://www.facebook.com/aclassscateringweddingcaterers/
In todays world the White Wedding Dress is the most popular style of colour w/ the bridesmaids now wearing the softer colours like peach,light blue or a light lemony coloured dress whatever the bride chooses it all comes back to matching her dress.
The White Wedding Dress like everything I share has a story,a tradition,a history & facts…
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