Tournedos Rossini

The origins of the Classic French Dish ‘Tournedos Rossini’ by A Class Catering.
The classic dish’Tournedo Rossini’ is something I learnt to cook years ago as a young apprentice at ‘Towers Restaurant’ & always knew it was one of the classics but didn’t know when or where it originated.It is even on our Fine Dining Menu for A Class Catering.
By surfing the net I found out some interesting facts & origins of this classic dish’Tournedo Rossini’.
The dish was created in honour for Gioacchino Antonio Rossini(1792 1868)who was at the time famous in the world of music & was widely accepted by everyone as a great artist.But to his friends Rossini was also recognised as a knowledgeable gourmet & as equally an accomplished cook.
Tournedo Rossini was created by a much admired 19th century chef Casimir Moissons who was the head chef at the Maison Doree which just happened to be one of Rossini’s favourite restaurants & a close friend.Rossini was a friend,a critic & supporter of many of the greatest Chefs of his time,like Auguste Escoffier & Marie-Antoine Careme & all considered Rossini a true gourmet & an equally gifted artist as themselves.
The dish itself consists of a grilled tournedo (filet mignon)served on a crouton topped w/ a slice of foix gras garnished w /black truffle & finished w/ a madeira sauce.
The only thing I do differently is serve the crouton on mash & substitute the truffle for mushrooms.
As I said in the intro I knew it was a classic dish but now having that extra information & facts just makes me excited to cook it again at one our Fine Dining dinner parties at A Class Catering & give the guests a bit of a history lesson before the Main Course.

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