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Reality tv cooking shows & tv cooking shows ???
We all watch them whether its a reality series like My Kitchen Rules (MKR) Master Chef (MC) & Hells Kitchen Australia (HKA) or cooking shows like Alive & Cooking,River Cottage,Hueys Kitchen or Surfing the Menu,we all seem to be drawn like moths to a bright light when it comes to cooking shows on tv.The networks are certainly on a ratings winner here with all forms of cooking shows and a great source for revenue raising through cookbooks,dvds & any other merchandise relating to the show.Geez the SBS network here in Australia has a dedicated channel for food & reality tv cooking shows 24/7 from all around the world.For me & my fellow brothers (chefs)this is fantastic.
Then there are cooking shows I like such as Boiling Point & Kitchen Nightmares (Gordon Ramsey) Man vs Food (Adam Richmond) No Reservations & Parts Unknown (Anthony Bourdain)Bizarre Foods (Andrew Zimmern)Nigellas Kitchen (Nigella Lawson) & BBQ Pitmaster’s just to name a few,there everywhere & we tune in week after week.
For me personally I don’t watch reality cooking shows,I really steer clear of them but thats my opinion only,as many of you really enjoy watching them.
I even get asked by our guests at dinner parties (by A Class Catering) if I watch MC or MKR etc etc & sometimes its funny to see the reactions on their faces when I say Noooo & tell them that I prefer to watch Gordon Ramsey,Anthony Bourdain or Adam Richmond but the grimaces on their faces with the mention of Gordon Ramsey is priceless (& I have been known to chuck a Gordon every now & then) ?.
Yes Gordon Ramsey can rant & swear but from my point of view & w/33years experience I can see past his hype & see that at the end of the day his message is ‘keep it simple,fresh & straight forward’.Even when I watch Gordon I think ‘Shit I do that’ & its like me getting a kick up the arse without him being there ?
As for the other shows I watch like Anthony Bourdain ‘No Reservations’ & ‘Parts Unknown’ he travels the world & delivers his somewhat dry & witty insight to the country’s food culture w/ a bit of local history & trivia to match.Bizarre Foods Andrew Zimmern gives me a wonderful tour to far out locations & country’s around the world & sometimes eating food that you & I wouldn’t touch w/ a 10 foot barge poll ?.Man vs Food & watching Adam Richmond ploughing through Mega Burgers,Steaks & Buffalo Wing (w/ a mountain of fries) everyday American food that is Mega Mega Mega & then there is BBQ Pitmasters (American style BBQ smoked & cooked over 8hrs or more)well what can I say about this show mmm Oh thats it !! If I could jump right in to my tv I would eat all that smoked deliciousness without a doubt,look out if one day I travel to the southern US states I’ll be eating BBQ for breakfast lunch & dinner ?.
reality tv Cooking shows,seems like we are all addicted !!!
Anyways I have given you a few shows that I watch & enjoy & I know there are many many more shows that you all watch & enjoy.If you the reader would like to share a comment of your favourite cooking show, please do & also add why ???
Bon Appetit
Chef Steve

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