History of Tomatoes

History of Tomatoes
Did you know that the humble tomato origins date back to the early Aztecs around 700 AD & is native to the Americas (South America).
It took till the 16 century that European’s were introduced to the fruit when early explorers set sail to discover new lands.
History of Tomatoes Did you know that there are more 10,000 tomato varieties available ? From pink to purple, yellow to white & some even as dark as black & others that are striped & spotted too.
Did you also know when tomatoes were introduced to Europe it was the poor rather than the rich that ate tomatoes as the rich considered them poisonous as they (the rich) ate off pewter plates & the acid reacting with the metal caused them get food poisoning & some even dying as a result, but the poor ate off wooden plates & the process didn’t happen.
And I thought it was the ancient Mediterranean countries & islands that made the tomato what it is today as it is so prevalent in there day to day cooking !!
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Give Martin & Steve a call on  0411114912 here are some tips for growing Tomatoes see link https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/edible/vegetables/tomato/tips-for-growing-tomatoes.htm
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Beautiful salad mix using fresh Tomatoes

using fresh tomatoes to make a beautiful salad