Chicken Schnitzel

Chicken Schnitzel,This week I would like to share my recipe & spin on the Chicken Schnitzel.Yes its very convenient to just pop down to your local big store or butcher’s & buy some for dinner ???? And a big favourite for all …
But I prefer to make my own as 1 its cheaper & 2 its tastes so much better ?
This recipe serves 4 so to start with you will need

2 x 250 gram chicken breast fillets or there abouts
2 x cups breadcrumbs
2 x eggs
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup plain flour
2 x tablespoon paprika
Cracked salt n pepper
Olive Oil

1 first of all trim breast of any excess fat & remove the tenderloin if there (as this also can be used as a schnitzel).
2 using a sharp knife carefully cut the breast in half,then using a meat hammer lightly bash out your schnitzel on both sides & place aside.(dont bash too hard as it might break the flesh,treat it like your loved one lol).
3 in a bowl mix the flour w/ the paprika cracked salt n pepper mix well & set aside.
4 whisk eggs & milk in a bowl & whisk well.
5 crumb chicken by dusting in seasoned flour then eggwash & finally into the breadcrumbs & making sure you pat down as to make the crumbs stick.
6 add olive oil in a frying pan & heat to a temperature say 3/4 heat on electric stove top or 1/2 on gas stove top ( please note that olive oil has a low smoking point meaning it could catch fire if heat is too high on both cooking methods).
7 as the schnitzels have been bashed they will only take a couple of minutes a side if that.When cooked set aside on a plate with paper towel to absorb excess oil.
8 serve w/ a sliced lemon wedge or if you prefer smothered in gravy lol its up to you.
Of course you can have it w/ salad or as a burger, but me personally I like it on a burger w/ harissa garlic aioli & rocket Mmmm ?

Or warm chicken schnitzel salad

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If you like this recipe please share & for some fun facts origins fact or fiction of the Schnitzel tune in later in the week ?
Til then
Chef Steve

Chicken schnitzel with garlic mash