Borscht, recipe and fun facts

Borscht, recipe and fun facts, Today I’d like to share a recipe for Borscht,a traditional Eastern European beetroot soup that incorporates a variety of other vegetables for extra nutrition.
For me growing up with a Polish background Borscht was a great comfort food (cooked by my bubcha grandmother)during the cold winter months.
Before I get to the recipe for Borscht I’d like to share some fun facts about the Beetroot(the main ingredient for Borscht)
Did you know that beetroot can be traced back to the ancient greeks & egyptians who were cultivating beetroot way back in 300BC or that beetroot is also known as table beet,garden beet,red or golden beet or just plain old beet & is the tap root part of the plant & that beetroot is a good source of iron folate & antioxidants.
Beetroot can help lower blood pressure & even help prevent dimentia.Beetroot can be eaten raw,shredded into a salad,boiled,roasted,pickled or even on a hamburger or steak sandwich if your an Aussie ?.
Borscht originated in the Ukraine !!
So to the recipe for Borscht which serves 6
500g fresh beetroot peeled quartered
1 large carrot peeled chopped
1 parsnip peeled chopped
1 leek white part only sliced
1 large onion peeled chopped
80ml lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon allspice
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
3 fresh bay leaves
1.5 litre vegetable stock or beef stock(your choice)
250ml sour cream to serve
4 tablespoons fresh chopped dill to serve
Fresh Rye or Black bread to serve
1 place all ingredients(not the sour cream dill or bread)into a large saucepan with the stock.
2 bring to the boil,then reduce the heat to low & simmer partially covered for 2 hours.
3 cool slightly & blend the Borscht in batches(remembering to remove the bay leaves)& season with salt n pepper.
4 return Borscht to the saucepan & gently heat through.
5 ladle the Borscht into bowls & garnish w/ a dollop of sour cream & chopped dill then serve w/ rye or black bread on the side.
I have given a vegetable recipe but Borscht can also be made w/ beef or pork.
So with winter just around the corner why not give this soup(borscht) a go for the family during the week easy to prepare easy to cook & full of vegetables & goodness ?
Chef Steve

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