Bakers Dozen

Why is it called a ‘Bakers Dozen’ by A Class Catering.
For the last few weeks I’ve been busy writing & sharing with you about the origins of dishes from around the world but today I’d like to give you some fun facts & not so fun facts about the term a ‘Bakers Dozen’ ??
Everyone loves a fresh baked loaf of bread but where & how did this come to be ??
There are a couple of theories as to why a bakers dozen is 13 instead of 12.Many think it had its origins from many societies throughout history that had strict laws concerning bakers wares,due to the fact that it was easy for bakers to cheat customers & sell them less than what they the customer thought they were getting.
These societies took this very seriously as bread was a main food source,for example the Ancient Egyptians would nail a bakers ear to his shops door if found of cheating someone,in Babylon they would chop his hand off for selling a light loaf.So to avoid these punishments (which are drastic to say the least) the bakers started giving 13 instead of 12 & hence a ‘Bakers Dozen’ but you also have to remember that back in the day bakers didnt have the proper measuring scales like they do today.
An interesting fact is that King Henry lll of England was so digusted with the problem that he implemented a new law to standardise the weight of a loaf of bread (a proven recipe) to stop bakers baking & selling puny loaves that resulted in them being beaten or even jailed !!!
WOW how times have changed !! Something that is so trivial yet something we all take for granted has a story to tell with true facts to back it up.
I did have something else prepared for this weeks post but you’ll have to tune in next week ?
Chef Steve