Cool as a Cucumber

‘Cool as a Cucumber’ The origins of the phrase ‘Cool as a Cucumber’ by A Class Catering…
So where did the phrase ‘Cool as a Cucumber’ come into being & more to the fact used in the everyday vocabulary especially in the summer months.
To start the meaning of the word ‘cool’ in the phrase doesn’t mean having a low temperature but quite the opposite meaning extremely calm,relaxed & in control.
But how did cucumber come into the phrase ???
The phrase was 1st recorded in a poem by British poet John Gay in 1732 titled ‘New Song on New Similies’ where one line reads ‘Cool as a cucumber could see the rest of womankind’. But really the answer is quite simple as cucumbers can be 20 degrees cooler on a hot day than the outside air due its water content (which I might add has been scientifically proven) & hence we get the phrase ‘Cool as a Cucumber’.
Some interesting facts are that cucumbers are one of the worlds oldest cultivated crops which originated in India & was grown throughout Western Asia as far back as 2000 to 1000 BC.
Another fact is that technically cucumbers are a fruit as they contain the seed of the plant & belong to the same plant family as the pumpkin,zucchini(courgettes) & the watermelon.
Cucumbers were introduced to Europe by the ancient Greeks & Romans.
Another fun fact is that cucumbers are 90% water,contain no fat,almost no carbohydrates & very few calories making them a popular diet friendly snack.
There are 3 main varieties of cucumbers slicing,pickling & seedless.
Here in Australia we have the lebanese,telegraph & the good ole green cucumber found on supermarket shelves.
Cucumbers can be used in salads & snacks,served on a sandwich,pickled, a chilled soup or as a raita w/ a curry & many more ..
Wow who’d have thought that the humble cucumber had such an interesting history with facts behind it ???
Stay tuned for next weeks edition of ‘Origins of Food & Fun Facts’.
Chef Steve

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Cucumber Salad

Betty Crocker

Cooktime: 3 hour 9 minutes

Makes 4 servings

Ingredients for Cucumber Salad
Amount Ingredient
2 cucumber medium, thinly sliced
13 cup cider vinegar
13 cup water
2 tablespoons sugar
12 teaspoon salt
18 teaspoon pepper
NaN dill weed Chopped fresh, or parsley, if desired

Cucumber salad and recipe