Origins of Caesar Salad

Origins of the Caesar Salad by A Class Catering
Its a salad found in any restaurant or cafes around the world,whether we eat it on its own,w/chicken,calamari or w/grilled salmon,its that go to salad that alot of us can say we enjoy the most when it comes to salads.
But where did it originate from ??
Really the name Caesar suggests that it was named after Julius Caesar or that he himself invented it after all those ancient Romans really knew how to eat food & Julius Caesar was the most famous of all.Sounds like all the above could be true,but no such luck as the salad has no connection to Julius Caesar or any other Caesar that ruled Rome.
The salad can be accredited to one Caesar Cardini a famed restaurateur who according to lore invented the dish in Tijuana Mexico in 1924 during prohibition when his restaurant was rushed with 4th of July revellers from the US and the kitchen being stretched he had to make do with whatever ingredients he had left & da da Caesar Salad was created ?
Cardini’s original recipe consisted of romaine lettuce (cos)garlic,croutons,parmesan cheese, boiled egg, olive oil & Worcestershire sauce. Notice that there are no anchovies in the original recipe ??? Why Senor Cardini was so against anchovies in the mixture saying that Worcestershire sauce gave the dressing enough of that tangy fishy flavour.
Also Caesar Cardini was an Italian migrant who sailed into the port of New York aboard the RMS Olympic in 1913.
So there you have it some true facts & origins of the Caesar Salad.
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