True facts and trivia about food

Today is the 1st of many posts about some true facts & trivia about food.
Did you know ??? many of the favourite dishes we enjoy today have a story a history behind them & their origins.
Today I would like to share the origins & history of a dish Chicken Marengo.
Chicken Marengo is a french dish consisting of sauteed chicken in oil w/ fresh garlic & tomato,garnished w/ fried eggs & crayfish.
The dish is similar to chicken a la Provencale but w/ the addition of eggs & crayfish make it the traditional way to make Chicken Marengo.
The dish was created by Chef Dunand & named to celebrate the battle of Marengo,a Napoleonic victory in June 1800 against the Austrian army in Marengo a small town south of Turin Italy.
After the battle Chef Dunand foraged in the town for ingredients as the supply wagons were to far away & created the dish from what he could gather.
Napoleon enjoyed the dish so much that he had it served after every battle,but when Chef Dunand was better supplied w/ ingredients he substituted mushrooms for crayfish & added wine to the recipe but Napoleon refused to eat it believing that a change would bring him bad luck.
This will be a weekly post,as we all love food & for me the history the story or even trivia tid bits excites me.
If you have a story about food & its origins please feel free to share it with us at A Class Catering .