Fine Dining Menu

$87.00 per person for a single selection per course.

$97.00 per person to make 2 selections for each course. Selections will be distributed to alternating guests.

These prices include your personal chef and maitre d' for a minimum of 6 people. Nappery and crockery are included and we will leave your kitchen clean. Travel and laundry are billed separately. Contact us today to discuss your needs.


  • Seared scallops on steamed rice with vermouth cream sauce
  • Prawn and avocado salad, served with a balsamic glaze
  • Lemon Myrtle Crusted Crocodile, (Crocodile Mignonettes, Marinated in lemon myrtle, lightly grilled,and served with a daikon radish and cucumber salad dressing (NEW)
  • Roasted stuffed Mushrooms, mushroom cups,filled with Garlic,spinach, ricotta, lemon rind, roasted and served with a rocket and grape salsa
  • Boston clam chowder ( a classic seafood soup )
  • Chilled cucumber soup, with a prawn and tomato salsa
  • Prawn and bacon skewers, served on a bed of steamed rice, with spicy tomato sauce
  • Calamari, served with lemon and garlic mayonnaise, served with pickled cucumber, carrots and lemon (NEW)
  • Smoked salmon Quesadilla, Grilled Potato, topped with smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, onions, fresh dill cracked pepper, tomato concasse, lemon and olive oil dressing (NEW)
  • Cauliflower blue cheese and spinach frittata
  • Mixed mushroom frittata, served with a salad garnish
  • Local fresh mussels provencal, with tomato pesto fresh garlic and white wine, with crusty bread
  • Beef paupiettes, tenderloin scallop, filled with pate mushrooms, rolled and sauteed, served with jus sauce

and a rocket apple and parmesan salad

  • Tandoori Kangaroo Fillets, Fillets marinated in tandoori spices, grilled then rested for 10 minutes, served on a bed of basmati rice, poppadoms and indian condiments (NEW)


  • Grilled Atlantic salmon leaf, served with a crunchy salad, cucumber chives, dates, walnuts,red and green capsicum, dill and chopped parsley
  • Venison fillet, with cherry crumble sauce, served with colcanon mash potato, and wilted baby spinach (NEW)
  • Chicken Breast Drambuie Grilled chicken pan fried,Jumbo green prawns, flamed with drambuie, served on a bed of steamed herbed rice, and roasted zucchini, and finished with a sweet sherry, cream sauce
  • Grilled marinated rack of lamb with roasted capsicum puree with creamy garlic mash
  • Steak Dianne (This famous French dish is cooked and flamed at the table) Sirloin steak, served with Shallots, Mushrooms Garlic Worcestershire sauce, Dijon Mustard, Flamed with Brandy
  • Veal scaloppine, with classic mushroom Madeira sauce and crab salsa served with avocado and bacon salad (New )
  • Grilled pork loin on the bone served on roast garlic mash with braise red cabbage finished with peppercorn and apple brandy sauce - very European
  • Tornado Rossini (a classic french dish) tenderloin steak medallions grilled served on garlic croutons topped with fresh pate and finished with a Madeira sauce
  • Barramundi topped with lemon butter served with a nicoise salad
  • Seared scallops on steamed rice with vermouth cream sauce
  • Roasted Quail, Quail wrapped in Bacon then roasted, and served on a grilled cheese polenta cake, and topped with a Mushroom jus
  • Duck ala orange, roasted half duck,and topped with an orange glaze


  • Vanilla slice
  • Creme caramel
  • American Brownies
  • Steamed chocolate Pudding
  • New York baked cheesecake with fresh cream
  • Brandy snap basket served with yogurt cream and fresh berries
  • Pecan Pie
  • Lemon meringue pie
  • Caramel sticky date pudding
  • Flavoured scooped ice cream cones
  • Steve’s home-made banana and toffee tart
  • Bananas or strawberry crepes, cooked and ( flambe at your table ) served with vanilla ice cream
  • Dark Chocolate mud cake, topped with Strawberries and fresh cream
  • Cherries Jubilee, a classic dessert of dark pitted cherries, (flambe at the table), in brown sugar, orange juice, lemon, and kirsch then flamed in brandy and served with vanilla ice cream


  • Cheese and Fruit Platter
  • a selection of bread rolls, garlic bread, herb bread or brochette
  • Guuridon table cooking


  • Up to $120 in travelling costs
  • Due to good costs an extra surcharge will be charged for special dietary needs
  • extra staff may be required for numbers over 10 guests